From Brooklyn to the Bronx and through Harlem and Manhattan, we brought to light the eclecticism and the diversity of New York through testimonies of those who live in the heart of the city.

Magdalena Rycsko, the owner of Hairrari Barber Salons, owns three thriving barber shops in NYC and Brooklyn. Unlike many barber salons in the city, hers are not hyper-masculine, nor stiff and inaccessible. Rather, she aims to cultivate a community among hipster, queer, trans, and all other folks. Anyone who wants an amazing cut is welcome here. Nearly 12 years ago, Magdalena attended school to become a hairdresser, never imagining that barber shops would be in her future – but after shampooing and assisting and cutting at several salons, she finally decided to take the plunge.


Nestor Guzman is a Master Barber and the Founder of the Brooklyn Master Barbershop. The trophies from barber battle win around NYC line the walls of his shop, lending credence to its name. Over the years, the neighborhood of Park Slope where the Brooklyn Master Barbershop is located has seen a great deal of change. Despite the evolution and gentrification of this area, however, Nestor’s barbershop has stayed true to its roots, and so has he. His authenticity shines through in a neighborhood where he has worked for decades. into something more. Or maybe you have a creative project to share with the world.


I teamed up and co-wrote with the talented Creative Copywriter Coraline Servais to bring these stories to life based on my photographic series published in the New York Times. Thanks to my team Solanne Fardel, Samuel Durand, Thomas Claire, Katia Bohbot, and Make It There Production.


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